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Yoga and mindfulness for Staff

3 day Yoga and PE Course for teachers on 30, 31 May and 1 June 2018 – Booking now open!

News! 10 free yoga classes in Oxford for those enrolling on this course.

The course is for secondary PE teachers, primary PE co-ordinators and primary class teachers… and those in similar roles such as youth workers.  It is a highly appropriate use of the recently doubled primary sport premium. Read about this at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/pe-and-sport-premium-for-primary-schools . If you want specialist advice on the use of the premium contact Josh Lenthall at Oxfordshire Sport and Physical Activity https://www.oxspa.co.uk/our-team

We have already had a lot of interest in this course and expect it to be overbooked. Primary teachers are advised to have early conversations with their headteachers if they wish to attend while there is still capacity in the Sport Premium.

When? 30, 31 May and 1 June 2018.

Where? The Oxford Academy, Littlemore, Oxford

Who for? Secondary PE teachers, Primary PE co-ordinators, Primary classroom teachers and others who regularly deliver well-being activities in schools.

The course will be taught by experience practitioners and led by Venetia Mayman who has extensive experience of the curriculum and the realities of school life.

You will benefit from:

  • A daily 2 hour practice to develop your own yoga. You should treat this as something for YOU.
  • Opportunities to be taught as if you were a primary or secondary class and to practice teaching others.
  • An understanding of what yoga is and can be in your school, strategies for differentiation, specialist knowledge about inclusion and vulnerable learners.
  • If sufficient numbers of EYFS teachers book we will arrange a specialist session.

Read more about the course Yoga course (FINAL) for Primary class teachers and PE co-ordinators and secondary PE teachers and find the application form Enrollment Form Yoga course for primary class teachers and PE co-ordinators and secondary teachers

Free Day Yoga Retreats for School Staff

We regularly run free Day Yoga Retreats to allow staff to have fun, develop their yoga practice and unwind. Check out our Summer 2017 details here.

Staff taking part in yoga

‘A wonderful way to relax and unwind.’

‘I was reminded that even a little yoga and mindfulness is better than none at all. I do at least 2 minutes a day in school, even with 2-year-olds.’

Day or half INSET day on Mindfulness


Feedback from the Springline Partnership of schools about their half INSET day on 4 September 2017.

From headteachers:

We were so impressed by the workshop that we have built it into one of our RAP priorities for this year.

Some very useful, practical ways of implementing mindfulness and well-being activities… the best SPS INSET so far! Just a case of remembering to use the strategies in a busy day.

What a wonderful day to begin our school year. Louise and Rachel were fantastic; the scientific aspects of how the brain operates was a great lesson.

From teachers

All staff from our school were animated and interested… Brilliantly delivered… Very thought-provoking… Powerful, meaningful and relevant… Good amount of research… We can see how it can be used for all ages… Really made us think. Lots of scope for what we can do to help.

An opportunity for staff to have an introduction to mindfulness and:

  • Learn about what mindfulness is
  • Begin to practice mindfulness
  • Learn some practices to try out with students


Twilight or INSET Day Yoga for Staff

A time for staff to:

  • Have fun and try something new together
  • Develop skills in relaxation and well-being

Regular after school Yoga lessons for staff brought to the school

Staff taking part in yoga

  • Free taster sessions for all staff
  • Staff pay a lower rate than for a commercial class with management providing a small subsidy from the well-being budget. Variable approaches operate from school to school.
  • Can be grouped with staff from another school.

‘Thank you so much for the yoga this term. It has really been something to look forward to every week.’ Teacher Icknield School

‘…yoga classes have been wonderful. They have helped me develop in many areas such as strength, being more comfortable and enjoying the calm relaxation which we share and take away. These are just a few of many things I love about Thursday classes. Looking forward to next year’s classes.’ Support Staff, Wheatley Park School