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Yoga and mindfulness for Students, Funding Ideas

Primary PE and Sport Premium – Did you know the funding for 2017/18 has doubled?

The announcement was made by Justine Greening at the end of the Summer Term 2017.  Check this out on http://schoolsweek.co.uk/sports-premium-to-double-but-too-late-for-many-schools-budgets/

Bespoke Projects

The list of possible projects on our home page is just to give you an idea of the ways we often work with schools.

We recognise the budget challenge many schools are facing and will start our work with you asking about your priorities and then tailor projects to your needs.

There are a variety of ways of managing the finances, including simply talking to us in detail. We operate a range of discounts and will always try to be flexible.

Shared Projects

A number of schools have planned activities days or staff yoga and mindfulness with local school partners, thereby reducing costs.

Become a funding partner

We regularly make applications for funding to ensure that we can provide some projects targeting vulnerable learners and excluded groups, at little or no cost. Contact netiayogainschools@gmail.com if you would like to become part of one of our funding bids.

Free taster sessions

Any school booking us for a project is offered a taster session for a group of learners who have not so far experienced yoga and mindfulness.

Reductions for longer projects or more than one project

Ask us about this when you are considering available resources.

Funding ideas Primary and Special Schools

Schools Sports Premium

Yoga and mindfulness are a highly appropriate use of the School Sports Premium for Primary Schools. You can read more about the School Sports Premium here.

See above for the latest news on this funding doubling.

Pupil Premium and Pupil Premium plus

Vulnerable learners are a priority for us. We love to work with vulnerable and excluded groups and will often include this in project bids. We will also keep costs low if you are using the pupil premium to fund small group work for disengaged and vulnerable learners.

Planning, Preparation and Assessment cover

Some schools decide the use our work to cover PPA time. This can often be a useful way of delivering aspects of the curriculum whilst also ensuring that budget that would have been spent on covering a class teacher is used to deliver specific aspects of the PE, PSHE or SMSC curriculum.

Funding ideas Secondary Schools

Pupil Premium and Pupil Premium plus

See our report on work with a group of year 11 students, all of whom had at some point engaged with CAMHs.

Many of our staff have significant experience of working with vulnerable groups experiencing anxiety, depression, disengagement from learning and other presentations resulting from difficulties at home, social pressures and exam pressures. Read here about our work with such pupils at Wheatley Park School.

‘Students engaged beautifully with the intervention… We targeted vulnerable students and saw great progress in stress management. It helped on days that were busy and stressful… All staff were impressed.’Inclusion Leader, Wheatley Park School

Sixth Form Offer

Some schools have found it economical to build our work into the budget for the 6th Form Offer. Read here and here about the very positive response from students and staff to this work in two schools.

‘Sixth form students have a lot of stress in terms of exams and also social pressures. As such yoga is a highly valuable outlet for them to relax in.’Head of Sixth Form, Matthew Arnold School