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Yoga and mindfulness for Students, Primary Schools, Curriculum

Yoga and mindfulness is for the whole curriculum and the whole school community. A systematic approach to sharpening the intellect and improving mental and physical health.

You will tell us about what you want to improve. We will work with you to achieve this.


Students taking part in yoga


We know budgets are a problem. Talk to us. We operate a number of discounts and always want to be flexible.

Yoga and mindfulness are a highly appropriate use of the School Sports Premium which you can read about here. This funding doubled for 2017/18 and will continue at the same level in 2018/19. Yoga-related teaching for children and training for staff is a highly appropriate application of this funding stream.

Some primary schools like to use yoga and mindfulness in Planning, Preparation and Assessment time. Budget which would pay to provide PPA is used to deliver many aspects of the curriculum through yoga (see below.)

Become a funding partner. Let us know about a project you would like to see funded and we will include you in one of our funding bids.

If you book us for one project, we will automatically give you a free taster session for a group of staff or students that has not so far experience yoga and/or mindfulness.

Activities Days

Students taking part in yoga

‘The best thing about the yoga was the beautiful way in which it was creatively and calmly delivered. All children felt safe having a go and it was well adapted to different ages.’ SMSC subject leader, Stonesfield School.

A super introduction with a variety of games, positions, relaxation and laughter… it offered a little bit of everything and kept the mixed age group engaged. Excellent communication throughout – responding to our aims.  We were provided with all the information we needed.

PE co-ordinator, Kirtlington Primary School

Schools like using us to contribute to a themed week such as ‘Friendship Week’ or ‘Well-Being Week.’ Each class can sometimes be delivered within an age-appropriate narrative, usually taking a well-loved children’s book such as ‘Dear Zoo’ as a theme.

The use of narrative to deliver the yoga was super… the instructor had a wonderfully expressive face and voice, so from the start the children were hooked… I have never seen the children so still and focussed.

SMSC subject leader. Stonesfield School.


     My child always looks forward to yoga. She loves Hayley’s teaching.

Parent, St Amand’s School

Targeted intervention or intensive support

Small group work with disadvantaged students for whom the school receives extra funding or for those with additional or special needs.  Read our report, including feedback from staff, parents and students, on work with vulnerable learners in one school here

Students taking part in yoga

Both Laura and Netia, our founders have a background of working with vulnerable learners.  Our Community Interest Company aims state that any surplus funds will be invested in yoga for vulnerable young people.

Cohort intervention

Clear mind, steady breath training for students experiencing pressure points in their education.  Yoga and mindfulness for your year 6 learners in the lead up to SATs and transition to secondary school. Your students can learn skills that will last a lifetime.

Extra curriculum projects

After school classes and family fun yoga. Try this as a transition activity or let us provide you with a free taster for a regular club.

Students taking part in yoga

Regular sessional teaching of yoga and mindfulness

  • PSHE – learning about how to manage feelings and understand the way breathing, postures and mindfulness can help to keep us well.
  • PE – a great way of engaging students who are not so keen on school games and PE.  Sporty students love it too!
  • RE – check out the film of our Arjuna’s Big Problem unit here. This project is set within an exciting narrative which has all the ingredients of the best children’s stories… a wicked king, a noble price deprived of his inheritance, a battle and a blue skinned superhero, the hindu god Krisna. The unit does far more than tick an RE and PE box. Children use drama, movement, breathing and postures to explore a story, learn about Hinduism and explore some philosophical concepts central to all world religions. We were funded to pilot the project in a special school but it is highly appropriate for the primary curriculum.

‘The project was successful in meeting its aims. The story was enjoyed and the students were able to access the main concepts. Many increased their mobility and many were able to appreciate the values of the story. Spiritual awareness of students was certainly increased.Staff from the two classes taking part feel more confident in using this as a teaching method.  They commented on how it engaged the sometimes disengaged students.’ Deputy Head, John Watson School

Watch a video of the project Arjuna’s Big Problem below.