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Yoga and mindfulness for Students, Secondary Schools, Curriculum

Yoga and mindfulness is for the whole curriculum and the whole school community. A systematic approach to sharpening the intellect and improving mental and physical health.

Students taking part in yoga

We work with you to make sure your students have healthy bodies, clear minds and thriving lives. Our teaching is based on a systematic, well-evidenced set of practices which provide your students with lifelong skills to support their well being. Achievement is at the centre of all we do. Our work will help students to overcome stress and ready their minds for study.

‘The most relaxed I feel is after yoga! I go back to my classroom and work really productively afterwards.’Student, Wood Green School

It made me find confidence in my body and it was a nice way to connect with my mind once again. After each session I felt at ease and peaceful.

Student, The Marlborough School, Woodstock

Bespoke projects

Every school has different priorities and we will tailor our work to your needs. The list of projects on our home page is only there to give you an idea of some of the activities we have already run.

Students taking part in yoga

Targeted Intervention and Intensive Support

  • Individual or small group work with disadvantaged students for whom the school receives extra funding, those with additional or special needs and those already working with other agencies such as CAMHs.
  • Practices that reduce anxiety, promote calm behaviour and increase concentration. Activities impact directly on progress and engagement and can be recorded in statutory plans.
  • Strategies to increase participation by broadening the curriculum offer. For example providing yoga lessons for those that avoid conventional sports and lessons for sixth form students at risk of becoming inactive.

‘I usually try to avoid PE, but I like coming to yoga. My shoulders feel all relaxed afterwards.’ Student Wheatley Park School

‘I think we should have yoga or something like it in our PE classes as it really helped me stretch and relax.’ Student, Matthew Arnold School


PSHE, SMSC and Citizenship

We can contribute to your curriculum through sessional teaching or through activities days. The work is not simply a fun way of learning to do yoga postures. We have a systematic approach to teaching students about managing their health, the development of the teenage brain and body and the using of breathing to manage some of the negative habits that can lead to anxiety, stress and depression.

‘Having a yoga lesson built in to our ‘Risk Awareness’ day for our year 10 students was a risk in itself… but to our surprise it became the highlight of the day for many students. They were surprised by how beneficial the session was and found that controlled breathing and measured movements did help to build and inner calmness, allowing them to relax. Many felt that they would be open to taking up yoga as a tool to help with stress and as a way of building core strength.’ Head of Business and Key Stage 4 Programme, Matthew Arnold School

Students taking part in yoga