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Yoga and Mindfulness for Students, Special Schools


We are particularly proud of our work in 4 Oxfordshire Special Schools: John Watson, Mabel Prichard, Endeavour Academy and Mulberry Bush School. Working with vulnerable learners is a priority for us as a Community Interest Company. A number of our staff have training or experience in working with children with special needs and disabilities. Stills from this page will give you a flavour of our funded project Arjuna’s Big Problem (thanks to South Oxfordshire District Council).

One of our directors was a governor in a special school for four years and is proud of what she has learned from colleagues who work there and from the children.

You can also read the  Full evaluation of Yoga for KS3 at John Watson School, which demonstrates the effectiveness of yoga in meeting its aims across a number of curriculum areas.  See a video of the project Arjuna’s Big Problem, below.

‘This has created a sensory story in a whole different way… a multisensory experience that engages all levels (even the staff).’ Lucy Wawrzyniak, Deputy Head



Have a look at our page on funding ideas. You may want to use the Primary Sports Premium for this work or use us to provide your staff with PPA. There is also the option to get together with another school for any project. Did you know that that the Primary Sports Premium funding was doubled in July 2017 for academic year 2017/18?  Check this out on http://schoolsweek.co.uk/sports-premium-to-double-but-too-late-for-many-schools-budgets/


Our approach in special schools is highly bespoke. We can tailor anything we do to the specific and highly individual needs of your students of any age. We will work with teachers and other professionals to ensure that we are fully informed of the teaching style and content that will suit any group.

We can support a whole curriculum unit in a way that will help to cover PE, RE, PSHE, SMSC, English, Music and Drama.

To get an idea of how this can work, look at our planning materials for Arjuna’s Big Problem here.

‘We thought it would be hard for the less mobile students… when actually it was a great leveller. They all found something for themselves in the project. One made choices about where he wanted to move finding a new freedom on the floor… another responded to the music, sang to himself and danced, others took to the warrior story with great enthusiasm, pushing themselves and acting it out… so much more came out of this than physical activity than we ever anticipated: choice, master of challenge, unlocking hidden talents.’ Lucy Wawrzyniak, Deputy Head